Droneshield RfZero 

Omni-Directional Drone Detection

Mast or tripod mountable

IP67 Rated

Counter Drone Solutions

Transportable case

What is the RFZero

RfZero is an omni-directional drone detection installation that is ideal for small to medium sized sites. With a single RfZero, a prison or government building is alerted to drone activity in the immediate area. RfZero is lightweight and cost effective with the option of either temporary or permanent installation. RfZero can integrate with the DroneShieldComplete GUI providing the user with live site monitoring capabilities and effective drone identification. Drone detections are securely logged for evidence collection. The RfZero can integrate with on-site server or secure cloud based server for the purpose of updates and data logging. RfZero can also integrate with DroneShield countermeasures.

Benefits of the RfZero

  • Mast or Tripod Mountable: The RfZero is appropriate for temporary or permanent installation
  • Military Grade Connectors: Ensures uninterrupted operation in a wide range of use scenarios
  • Designed to IP67: The RfZero is suitable for installation in harsh environments
  • Fully Self Contained Unit: The device only requires power and network connection, with the option to power remotely via BB2590/BA5590 batteries


  • Performance:
    Detection Type: omnidirectional, line-of-sight
    Detection Range:
    High RF Environment (Urban) – up to 1km (0.62miles)
    Low RF Environment (Rural) – up to 5km (2.5miles)
    Frequencies: Detects on multiple frequency bands
    Non emitting device suitable for airports and RF sensitive sites
    Regularly updated drone database
    Multiple sensors can be networked together for greater area coverage
  • Output Options:
    Integrates with DroneShieldComplete GUI
    Can record logs with or without a network connection
  • Power and Communication:
    12VDC – 24VDC connection (10m)
    Ethernet connection (10m)
    Can be powered from BB2590/BA5590 battery
    Software updates can be performed remotely via secure cloud access or on-site connection
  • Environment and Installation:
    Radome is mast/tripod mountable
    Weight without packaging: 7.5kg (16.5lbs)
    Designed to IP67
    Operating temperature: -20°C +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
    Colours: Desert Tan, White
  • Maintenance:
    No moving parts, routine inspection only
  • Warranty:
    12 months from date of shipment
  • Shipping:
    Ships in Rugged Carry Case (IP67)
    HS Code: 85269130

Droneshield RFZero

About Droneshield

Based in Sydney (Australia), Virginia and Washington DC (USA) and London (UK), DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone security technology. The Company has developed pre-eminent drone security solutions that protect people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace.

DroneShield responds to the growing use of consumer drones for unethical purposes, and the resulting need for effective countermeasures to drone intrusions. We developed our products with the belief that comprehensive drone protection involves detection and disruption. With DroneShield, they aim to help public and private sector customers take proactive measures against airborne threats to safety, security, and privacy.